Surveillance Camera Systems Preserving The Integrity Of nuebe Gaming casino Tables

The player is better, the person worse, wrote Publius Syrus, and all nuebe Gaming casino owners from Nevada to Monte Carlo agree with him. In fact, they believe that not only do they put waiters and security guards near the tables, they also install a surveillance camera system. It is rare that a casino does not have a surveillance camera system. After all, fortune, big or small, is lost and won in seconds in casinos. With so much money at stake, casino owners and managers expect the worst side of human nature to emerge. There will be those who try to overcome difficulties by cheating at home; And what better way to catch these people than through a surveillance camera system? Those who watch this do not sleep, and do not wake up, and they are never distracted by a woman wearing a small dress, for example, or a fight that has fallen on one of the tables.

to deceive the house

Winning costs people, and money even more. Unexpectedly, a group of gamblers try to cheat gamblers at the gaming table. In 1998, Dennis McAndrew and his team apologized for the fraud. He and his friends have used handheld devices to activate slot machines and ensure that they win every time they play. They recovered nearly $17 million before the chief executive, McAndrew, was arrested.

Security tightened after the McAndrew scandal

After the discovery of McAndrew’s scam, the gambling industry renewed its efforts to restore its credibility. Many have closed down their security systems and installed state-of-the-art surveillance camera systems. The cameras monitor not only the game tables, but also the elevators, the towers, the sales counters and the corridors. With the exception of the toilet, almost all areas of the casino or casino are still under strict supervision. In addition, cameras monitor the entrance and back of the casino. Other casinos are also incorporating property monitoring methods into their surveillance camera systems. Air motion sensors are attached to the game machine and any attempt to move them will trigger an alarm. Rules for using surveillance camera systems

The gambling industry recognizes the benefits of integrating surveillance camera systems into risk management. The Federal Minimum Indoor Control Standards (MICS) specify 20 frames per second as the minimum recording rate for surveillance camera systems. In addition, it specifies that all images generated must be clear.

However, the sports committee is not at all sure that the images taken from the surveillance system will be accepted in court. Many industry experts and sports councils agree that DVR evidence will be admissible, but no case has proven or disproved this.

However, the sports commission continues to mandate the use of surveillance camera systems. After all, no matter how sophisticated the game joint surveillance camera system may be, how well each camera monitors every square inch of the playing floor, or how many people monitor each table action. , there will always be someone trying to break the system. Most of the time, they fall and get caught. At one point, we were successful and making money from scams. With surveillance camera systems, however, catching crooks becomes a matter of when, not if.