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Sabong international log in is one of the most famous figures to emerge from the world of professional poker. Apart from being a good gambler and a three-time world champion, Stu Unger has had an interesting life story. It is not surprising that after his death, Stu was the subject of biographies and biographies.

Stu Unger lived the life of a rock star, including a rapid rise to fame, drugs, comebacks and the inevitable death at a young age. Here you can read the biography of famous poker player Stu Unger.

The beginning

Stuart Errol Ungar was born in 1953 to a Jewish family living in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Stus’s father is a famous writer, and his mother is very ill that she will not stop her son’s interest in gambling. of the Genoese family. Stu and Romano have at least one thing in common: they both have very sharp memories, often used for poker games and gin. By now Stu has become a very accomplished gin player who has gained a lot of experience by winning gin competitions. Stu dropped out of school to become a full-time gin rummy player. The Genoese family has benefited from the skills of Stus. In return, they gave him protection from other players who loved themselves with his strong and proud style of play.

The climb

As a professional gin player, Stu managed to beat all the professional poker players. Stu is rumored to have inspired Harry Yonkie Stein, one of the most popular players around, to stop playing gin altogether after beating him in a gin game. Since he wasn’t competing, Stu decided to focus on professional poker. In 1976 he and his girlfriend moved to Las Vegas where they married and had a daughter, Stephanie.

In 1980, Stu won the main event of the World Series of Poker after defeating such experienced poker players as Doyle Bronson. Stu is the youngest WSOP winner in history and is nicknamed The Kid. Although Stu won the 1981 WSOP Main Event, he still considered himself more of a gin and rummy player than a poker player. After winning his first WSOP title, he said that the world of poker will meet countless players better than him, but no one will be able to play gin rummy better than him.

At the same time, Stu tried to use his talent to make money at the blackjack table. However, the sabong international were not happy with Stus’s presence around the blackjack table and he was always banned. In 1982, he was fined by the New Jersey Gaming Commission for cheating, even though Stu did nothing illegal but used his creative skills and incredible memory. Failure

In 1990, Stu appeared again at the WSOP. This time, he was heavily drugged. He was the chip leader for the first three days of the event and then dropped out. He was found lying in his hotel room, unconscious from an overdose. However, that didn’t stop him from finishing the ninth grade and earning enough money to supply cocaine in the future.


After seven years of disappearing from the professional poker scene, Stu returned to the WSOP. In 1997, he suffered a broken nose damaged by cocaine abuse, his horse racing and sports betting addiction, but he was fit enough to beat all new competitors and regain his WSOP tournament title. Local media were happy to embrace The Comeback Kid, but his success was short-lived. The death

Stu Unger did not participate in the 1998 World Series of Poker because he could not raise money to pay the entry fee. Seven months after Scotty Nguyen won the 1998 WSOP, Stu Ungar died in his Las Vegas motel room with $800 in his pocket. He apparently died of heart disease from years of drug addiction.


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